Lose weight fast-The harsh truth nobody will tell you about

Now you have the truth about weight loss, implement facts above with fat loss 4 idiots to improve your health and to get in shape. Once in shape all you have to do is simple maintenance, which becomes something you do daily, such as brushing your teeth plany treningowe.


Weight loss is a multi billion dollar industry which targets desperate people in need of a quick fix, magic pill or weight loss equipment that will miraculously help them be thinner  Weight loss takes a proper well balanced diet, some physical activity and enough rest.


There are no short cuts, quick fixes, overnight miracles, or FDA approved drugs that will magically eliminate the fat from your body, much less keep it off. While you read this to-the-point article keep the key points in mind. These are the facts that you may not want to hear, but need to. These are the facts about weight loss devoid off the sugar coat.

You will not lose 10 pounds in a week. If you intend to lose fat and keep it off, then it’s going to take some time. 10 pounds guaranteed weight loss in a week is unlikely, but I will say you can realistically lose 2-5 pounds of body fat a week, and gain 1-2 pounds of lean muscle.


You did not gain the weight overnight. Some time will be necessary for a healthy weight loss. True weight loss is fat loss not muscle loss, water or bone loss. Losing 10 pounds or more a week is a loss of bone, muscle, and water, which results in a disrupted metabolism.

There is no quick fix to fat loss. Lose 40 pounds in 7 days! Lose weight sleeping! Rapid weight loss! Lose weight with no diet or exercise! These are consumer hot buttons, triggering your emotions to facilitate a sale.They are misleading and just plain lies.


Quick weight loss is water, muscle, and bone.  This may be what some folks intend to achieve. The truth of the matter is they result to  metabolic disruption and increased fat storage there after. Lotions, potions, and gadgets for fat loss should be tossed out the window. They are worthless. Taking fat off fast requires sound nutrition and exercise.

Stop eating processed foods labeled “healthy”, or “low-fat”, or “low-carb”, etc. Food labels are misleading and can cause you to gain more fat in the long run. Processed, prepackaged “diet foods” contain chemicals  that your body can’t metabolize or have high calories, and depending on the state of your metabolism leads to increased weight gain.


Chemicals that can not be metabolized hence can’t leave your body become toxins and get lodged in your fat cells, making losing weight even more difficult.

NO pain no gain.  Fast weight loss is facilitated by proper nourishment and exercise. It may not be fun or easy, but it’s a must if you want to shed the fat fast.  Examples of good exercises are brisk walking, skating, weight training, biking, hiking, swimming and jogging.


Whatever your choice is, just do something. Those individuals on magazine covers or stars in Hollywood did not attain their bodies by sitting down and stuffing their faces. Will Smith had to train really hard for 6 months before he did the movie I Robot.

You will not look like supermodel or swimsuit model.  I hate to rain on your parade. Many weight loss ads suggest that after you use their product you will look like the supermodel marketing the product. Just because a model is holding a bottle of the latest fat burning product does not mean you will look like her after using that product.

Muscle does not weigh more than fat. There is a misconception linked with weight training that muscle weighs more than fat. I’ve heard many people considered as a weight loss authority saying this. People looked upon as icons, yet giving out false information.


Muscle does not weigh more than fat. Two pounds of fat weighs just as much as two pounds of muscle. Muscle is denser than fat and it takes up less space. Therefore, for accelerated weight loss add muscle mass to your frame because it’s denser and boosts metabolism. Its however easier to gain fat than muscle.

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