Deciding If This Alternative Is Right For You

Youve probably heard all about these diets before,Guest Posting and maybe even tried them. One thing is for sure, of all fad diets this is the king. Part of this is that it works for many people but there are other factors to be considered before starting a low carb jadłospis niskowęglowodanowy.


So whats the big deal with high protein low carbohydrate diets like Atkins and South Beach? When you exercise your body burns carbs before it burns fat (you may know this as ketosis). This means that if you have a lot of carbohydrates in your body youll have to exercise longer to lose weight.


On these diets youll eliminate foods that are high in carbs like bread, pasta and sugar. These foods are commonly used to give you a boost of energy so you may feel drained after cutting them out of your diet while you are first getting used to it.


The opinion of the medical community has fluctuated over the past several years on whether the benefits of this diet outweigh the harm it can cause to your health. Beware that the risks associated with this diet include kidney failure and heart-disease. High cholesterol levels may also be an issue as you will be encouraged to replace many healthier foods with meats like pork, beef, and eggs.


If you choose a high protein low carbohydrate diet it is important to follow a plan created by a reputable company to avoid these problems. It may also cause vitamin deficiencies in the first stages because certain fruits and grains are limited by the diet.


The high protein low carbohydrate diet may also not be helpful for long term weight loss or weight management. To maintain the weight youll lose while on the diet youll need to continue to avoid high carbohydrate foods. Eating low carbohydrate foods completely eliminates those made with white flour and sugar.


But on a low calorie diet, instead of banning certain groups of food you can continue to eat the variety you like in more reasonable portions. This may be a healthier alternative too because foods that are high in protein and low in carbs, like bacon and eggs, have much fewer health benefits than a salad and a piece of fruit.


It is more effective for rapid weight loss than going on a low calorie diet but remember that youll have to continue to follow the diet to keep the weight off. The most effective diets tend to be those that allow you to eat and engage in activities that you enjoy. This is important to remember when deciding if you want to take the high protein low carbohydrate diet as an alternative to a low calorie diet.


When trying to decide if you want to try a low carb diet, read through the material from reputable companies. And most importantly, ask your friends and family that have already tried it to see if it was effective and if they had any problems sticking with it.


Determine all the macronutrient totals (protein, carbs, fat, and calories) for the medium day and then just let the carbohydrate intake change the calories for the high and low days. So, assume the medium day is a standard dieting day.


As an aside, but a valuable note to keep in mind, there are many different calorie equations you can use – however be aware that they all have the potential to be off by as much as 20%. So for the sake of simplicity you could just assume maintenance to be approximately 15x total bodyweight and subtract 20-25% to create a healthy caloric deficit.


Remember, if you are not progressing based on your caloric intake, simply adjust it up or down until progress resumes. Next up is protein. I am sure we are all in agreement that we need to eat sufficient amounts of protein when trying to lose fat and maintain muscle, so set it anywhere from 1.0-1.5g/lb of bodyweight and split it up evenly throughout the day.

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