Hand Held Slot Punch With Guide Review

As more companies turn to the use of ID badges,Guest Posting maxwin slot punches are becoming a vital tool in many offices. An excellent portable device is the Hand Held Slot Punch.

With high quality, all metal design, this handy tool provides professional, heavy duty punching in a petite package. It creates crisp, industry standard slots for key cards, name tags, and ID badges. Let’s take a closer look at the details.


  • The compact and lightweight design make this slot punch especially convenient and portable. You can store it in or on your desk for quick access. Or it could be centrally stored in a community supply cabinet for use by many. And since it weighs less than two pounds, it can easily be carried to wherever a punch is needed.
  • The Hand Held Slot Punch reflects its name; it doesn’t require a solid surface to be used. This makes it ideal for portable use, such as at an outdoor event.
  • This model is outfitted with a guide for precise holes. The guide helps to align your material so you can consistently punch slots in the exact same place. This is especially handy when processing a large number of items; you’ll save time by not having to eyeball the alignment each time. The centering guide is adjustable, so you can use it to make both vertical and horizontal punches on varying sizes of materials.
  • Solid steel construction gives this slot punch extra durability. It uses a heavy duty spring so the mechanism can pop out of the punched material and avoid jamming, even with thicker items.
  • This tool can handle laminated documents, cardstock, and even PVC up to 33mil thick. It can reach in as far as ¼ inch for punching. The slots created are 1/8 inch by ½ inch, fairly standard for the attachment of strap clips, retractable badge reels, and lanyards.
  • This product is covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • There isn’t a tray to catch the remnants created. This can be remedied by simply using the tool over a trash can but there is the potential for tiny chads to litter your office. If you think this will be an issue, we also carry other slot punches with a chip tray.
  • This punch only offers hand held use. While the freedom from needing a solid surface does make this device more portable, it also wears on your hand. For light use, this isn’t a problem. But heavier use or for users with weaker hand strength, we suggest a table top model.
  • This tool only offers manual use. For most offices, this is expected and won’t be much of a problem. However, for more convenience, especially when dealing with thousands of badges a year, we do carry electric devices for more industrial use.

Clearly from the many strengths, the Hand Held Slot Punch is exceptionally handy to have around the office. Hospitals, universities, security centers, and other businesses needing ID badges or controlled access will highly benefit from the durable convenience provided by this device. We think this is an excellent tool to have around any office.

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